Our Shining Stars

stars1Our Shining Stars are our students!

When people desire to learn – the sky is the limit. Our academic approach is learner-based; their goals become our goals. Their determination is truly inspiring. Our students are the reason that we love what we do!
Please meet one of our many Shining Stars: Carol started with her literacy volunteer, Marlene, a little over a year ago. I asked her, “How is life different today, now that you have a tutor?” She said, “I didn’t do any of this before. Now, I get out to meet people more.”CarolMarlene

Carol was our star goal achiever in 2016. She accomplished all 3 of her life goals!

1. Use technology more
2. Read to grandchildren
3. Take a knitting class to make mittens

What else did Carol accomplish in 2016? A lot!

  • She got a library card and now goes to the library regularly to take out books and use technology.
  • She registered to vote and voted for the first time ever!Carol
  • She took a technology class this summer.
  • She is currently involved in a knitting group. She said: “I never made mittens before. I really wanted to make them and wanted help with the thumb. I was using 4 needles. Now I get help in my group and I get help with the instructions.”
  • Carol gives back. She said, “I got 2-3 people to come to Adult Ed. A lady in church asked me ‘Is it hard to hook up to go to school?’ I said, ‘no. Come to school. I’m going to school!! and I offered to pick her up!”
  • Carol drives 2 neighbors back and forth to classes twice a week. And she tutors a neighbor in math.
  • AND, not least of all- Carol is more involved in her grand children’s literacy. She brings her granddaughter, who is 16, to her adult education activities.

You can see Carol’s pride and enthusiasm written all over face in her smooth grin and sparkling eyes.

Carol, YOU are a Shining Star!


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