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129 Seamon Road, Suite A, Farmington, ME, 04938

2021 Poetry Contest Submissions List Poem of Titles 

(All titles unedited but one; a name removed. All titles separated by commas or periods.)



The Flow of Life, We’re All Millionaires, 

Learning is Important 

to Me. 


The First Sights of Spring, Orchestra of Birds. 

Birds in the Spring and Bees in the Spring, Spring. 

Outside Fun, Shower, The Wind. 

Winter on The Hill, In the Dark of the Pale Moonlight. 

White Shark, White Tailed Deer, Brown.


Fictional Characters, Friends, My Dad, The Greatest Chickens, Pinewood Angels, Hound Dog,

My Dog Casey Rae.

Family Time Fun, Let Them Be Kids. 

Captain Poetry’s Adventure of Poetry, The Gary Berry Show.


AMERICA RANSACKED. Trash, Divorce. Abyss. Bleach.

 Beautiful Butterfly, Once More, Unity. A Morning in the Life Of….. 

Muted Voices of Light, Rebirth, 

The Butterfly Design, The New Fashion Statement. Lucky.