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129 Seamon Road, Suite A, Farmington, ME, 04938

Goals and Components of Bring Books to Life parent book club

We have 4 goals for parent participants:  1.) to feel more comfortable sharing books at home with their children  2.) to learn different ways to make books fun  3.) to read to their children more often 4.) to use books as tools for learning

We provide 4 key components: 1.)  Free children’s books. (Parents vote to select a series of free books aligned to the seasons of the year) 2.) Free activity kits, tailored to each book  We demonstrate the activities, and allow parents to try them and just have fun. 3.) Opportunities to practice reading the books and using the activity kits in a comfortable, safe environment of fellow parents. We talk about ways to use the pictures in the story, ways to use the books as learning tools, and ways to use the books to talk about emotions. Parents are supported in discussion of the challenges of reading to kids.  4.) Provide ways for parents to make connections with each other, the books being read in school,  and their children’s teachers. The books are integrated throughout the school curriculum.