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129 Seamon Road, Suite A, Farmington, ME, 04938


“When individuals build foundational literacy skills on a continuum of learning, develop their knowledge and potential, and achieve progress on self selected goals, they forge independence,  improve health and stability for themselves and their families, and participate in communities, to make communities stronger and safer.” (UNESCO)


Adult Tutoring Program-"Learner Centered Learning. We do it Together"

LVFSC adult tutoring programs focus on developing habits and skills of co-learning to build a sustainable culture of literacy and learning. LVFSC data show that over time, adult learners are better able to solve family problems, access health services, communicate needs more effectively and self advocate, increasing an individual's ability to be more independent in supporting the family and increasing the likelihood of participation in the neighborhood.

We train volunteers to tutor with individuals and/or small groups of learners who have literacy goals and read at a level below the twelfth grade.  If interested or have questions, contact us to register. Contact us to register


Individual Learning Partnerships-"One to One" tutoring since 1978.

Volunteer tutors are trained and matched with adult learners who have literacy goals. We ask learning partnerships to work together once a week for 1 hour in a public setting.

Collaborative Learning partnerships-group tutoring since 2015.

Volunteer tutors are trained and matched with small learning groups in hybrid classrooms, where collaboration with community assets such as libraries and social service agencies takes place. We partner with over 61 collaborators  in mutualistic symbiosis to implement, design, and share resources for our shared adult learners and community members.


The circle of impact upon the culture of literacy widens

when people feel more comfortable to use what they learn

in different settings and share with others.


Partnering with Community

To achieve our mission, we like to partner with organizations in “Collaborative Learning Partnerships” ( CLPs) to share strengths, specific skills, resources and data to provide literacy programming to groups of adults, meeting individual learners where they are and providing continuity of  learning, both in person and remotely.  Through the process, partners gain mutual benefit from learning together about how best to serve the needs of our stakeholders/communities, and adult learners gain confidence to see themselves as members of literacy communities, able to both share ideas and ask questions. 

We create opportunities for learner centered discussion experiences to develop knowledge as a community of learners, involving trained tutors as co-facilitators.

Texts are provided at no cost to registrants.